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About three years ago, we started the journey of making a film inspired by the life of Giorgio Bettinelli.

He is an Italian actor, writer, musician who is famous for being travelling around the word for more than 300.000 kilometers over 10 years ... on his Vespa.

Giorgio was determined, for better or worse, to live a unique life, pushing boundaries and exceeding the limits. He met eclectic people, learned many languages, experienced unfathomable sit- uations, and even risked his life on more than one occasion. We are sure his experiences, relived through this film, will inspire us to draw our own conclusions, considering the choices and paths in front of us that make us “free” and “realized” according to who we really are.

Through this film and related events, such as the traveling photo exhibit “Giorgio Bettinelli: I primi 100.000 km in Vespa” and the publishing of the e-book version of “On a Vespa Beyond the Hori- zon”, we want to honor and remember Giorgio, as he so deserves.



After abandoning his chaotic life in Italy, Giorgio, un unruled writer, has found a second home in Bali, where he leads a relaxed and somehow purposeless life. While pretending to his family he is working on a novel he never writes, Giorgio spends his days wandering, flirting with tourists and trying to integrate himself into the community.

Wayan, on the other hand, is a Balinese waiter who lives in perpetual debt. Struggling to make ends meet for him and his family, Wayan has to resort to creativity in order to pay his bills. Right now, though, things don't look so bright for him: owing to a local gangster, he has one day to gather enough money to pay his debt.

The fates of these two very different men cross when Giorgio decides to help his Balinese friend. As a reward, Giorgio will receive a unexpected gift that will change his life forever.



GIOVANNI ANZALDO is an Italian actor and will be performing the lead role of Giorgio Bettinelli’s character.


He studied in Turin at the Teatro Stabile acting school of Luca Ronconi where he graduated in 2009.
In 2010 he was awarded with the “Premio UBU” for “Best Actor under 30” and the "Golden Grail" for best dramatic actor for the play "Roman and his puppy" by Alessandro Gassmann. After that he also played in Gassmanns debut film "Razzabastarda" for which he received the "Premio Gallio" for best actor. 

In 2014 he starred in “My name is Maya” by Tommaso Agnese and in “L’attesa”, Piero Messina’s debut feature film, in which he plays with Juliette Binoche.

In 2017 he starred in “Non è un paese per Giovani” by Giovanni Veronesi; a film that narrates the story of two Italians who are expatriating to Cuba to change their lives.

MUHAMMAD KHAN is our second lead actor, performing the role of Wayans character.

He started to experience acting when he was in the 1st grade of senior high school. He had been one of the general member of Bi- assukma theater community was trusted to carry out the duty as the leader of the community.

He had been eager to be an actor since he was in the 4th grade of elementary school. In 2009, he was registered as the student of Theater Department, Faculty of Performing Arts, Indonesian Insti- tute of The Art Yogyakarta. He was achieved as the best actor in realism theater parade which was organized by the Theater De- partment of ISI Yogyakarta in 2011. In addition to playing on perfor- mance stages, he has also experienced playing roles in some indie movies. Kucumbu Tubuh Indahku ( Memories of My Body ) directed by Garin Nugroho is his debut in Indonesian cinema, he was nomi- nated as best actor in this film by Tempo Film Festival 2019 also by Venice Film Festival, Orrizonti section 2018.



We are filmmakers from all over the world, who previously worked together in the Kinoeyes European Movie Masters Program, a Joint Masters Degree between Portugal, Scotland, and Estonia. We all have many years of professional experience and academic studies behind us, and our previous films have been celebrated at major in- ternational film festivals. Our harmonious synergy and our unique and complementary cultural experiences are the foundation of this dynamic team.


To find out more about the Kinoeyes program, visit

Our Indonesian line producer, Juwita Rahayu, provides what’s needed in terms of organisation with visas and permits, location scoutings, local preparations before and during the shoot, pre-production arrangements, finding additional crew (production assistants, prop assitants, additional camera crew, light technicians etc.)

Juwita was educated in cinematography and filmproduction at Jakarta Institute of Art, Juwita is now working in this domain as a freelancer for the past 8 years.


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