Giovanni is a renowned Italian actor and is performing the lead role of Giorgio Bettinelli's character. In the past, he won several awards for best dramatic actor.


Kahn, an Indonesian new actor, is playing our second lead role. He recently won the Piala Citra Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.


Valentine is a French actress, who currently lives in Bali. She starred in several European and international film projects.


Asmara is an Indonesian actress, dancer and model who began her film acting career with a silent black and white film by Garin Nugroho.



We are filmmakers from all over the world, who previously worked together in the Kinoeyes European Movie Masters Program, a Joint Masters Degree between Portugal, Scotland, and Estonia. We all have many years of professional experience and academic studies behind us, and our previous films have been celebrated at major in- ternational film festivals. Our harmonious synergy and our unique and complementary cultural experiences are the foundation of this dynamic team.


To find out more about the Kinoeyes program, visit

Our Indonesian line producer, Juwita Rahayu, provides what’s needed in terms of organisation with visas and permits, location scoutings, local preparations before and during the shoot, pre-production arrangements, finding additional crew (production assistants, prop assitants, additional camera crew, light technicians etc.)

Juwita was educated in cinematography and filmproduction at Jakarta Institute of Art, Juwita is now working in this domain as a freelancer for the past 8 years.

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