Who was Giorgio Bettinelli?


GIORGIO BETTINELLI (1955-2008) is famous for the books about his journeys all over the world riding a Vespa. His passion for Vespas was born by chance in Indonesia, where he decided to live for a while.

The first journey that gave him popularity as a traveler and writer started in 1992 from Mentana (Italy). After 7 months on the road and 24000 km, he reached Saigon (Vietnam).

His second journey started from Anchorage (Alaska) in 1994 and ended in “Tierra del fuego” (Argentina) in 1995 after more than 36000 km.

“The worldwide odyssey”, his fourth journey, covered literally the whole world: it started in 1997 in Argentina and ended 3 years and a half later in Tasmania after more than 144000 km on the road.

His last journey was in China, the last country he hadn’t been able to cross for bureaucratic issues till that moment. He died in 2008 while he was working on another book about Tibet.

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